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Green of Grey was created for those who want a garment forever, a small piece of timeless beauty that will remain in their wardrobe indefinitely and will always have the magic to transform. A solution and must for vintage fashion lovers and swing dancers who struggle to find exclusive clothing in high street stores and vintage clothing shops presenting the challenge to find garments in good condition, and the right size.

This is why Green of Grey  designs a collection of the finest 1930's, 1940's & 1950's vintage inspired clothing distinguished by unique style combining quality, elegance and sophistication. We produce high quality crafted designs making accurate patterns respecting the old construction and sewing techniques using similar materials and trim.

It is the old construction techniques, stitching details and flourishes that give the vintage garments the look we love so much about them!

After an extensive 25 years experience working in Paris and London as a fashion designer, pattern maker and costume designer, I started this project in Barcelona in 2013 (then under the name of La Vie En Swing) with a small initial capital investment, sewing independently all the garments one by one. Thanks to great dedication to work and the support of the customers sales started rolling in from countries worldwide the next step was to look for a factory to increase production.

But in the age of mass-produced clothing (mostly made in third world countries) I found it very difficult to find a factory that would agree to stitch buttons by hand, and individually cut pieces of garments one at the time. It's then when I realized that if I wanted to keep my emphasis on making high quality handcrafted clothing, I will have to produce most of them in house by myself with some help.

After looking hard, I managed to come up with two meticulous and excellent seamstresses.

Nowadays, together,  we are focused on keeping our efforts centralised on high quality garments made with lots of love for every vintage lover.

Welcome to Green of Grey.

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